Major Depressive Disorder Case Study

A top 10 CRO engaged to accelerate patient recruitment for a Major Depressive Disorder study. Based on enrollment goals, a full suite of recruitment tools was recommended, including:

Right Arrow Icon Branded website and screener creation: A stand-alone website and integrated screener enabled visitors to learn about the study and determine if they pre-qualified after completing a brief questionnaire. Pre-qualified patient contact information was provided to study sites for follow-up and further screening. Additionally, the website incorporated advanced features for referral source tracking and analysis of recruitment methods. To view the study website please visit Depression Research Study Website.

Right Arrow Icon Database patient recruitment: maintains an exclusive database of more than 500,000 members seeking clinical trial participation. Members seeking trials for depression living near a study site were sent a New Study Alert and invited to click to the study website. The trial was also posted on -- which attracts a quarter of a million visitors each month -- and was included in our monthly newsletter.

Right Arrow Icon Advertising on the Clinical Ad Network: To reach a broader audience and increase traffic to the branded website, the study was advertised on the Clinical Ad Network.

ClinicalConnection estimated that during a three-month recruitment period the following goals could likely be achieved:

  • 30,000 individuals would visit the branded website
  • 3,440 visitors would complete the pre-screener
  • 688 (20% of pre-screened individuals) would be potentially eligible for the study and referred to a study site for further evaulation built the branded website and screener within two weeks following IRB approval, and generated trial postings on The recruitment campaign launched on schedule and produced consistent referrals throughout the three-month recruitment window. More than 30,000 individuals visited the branded website with about 50% originating from Database Recruitment and 50% from the Clinical Ad Network. Over 22% of visitors utilized the screener function which resulted in 813 pre-screened and eligible individuals being referred to study sites -- exceeding goals initially established by the CRO, sponsor, and ClinicalConnection.



With 42 patients consented and 29 randomized into the study, both Database Recruitment and the Clinical Ad Network were effective in driving visitors to the branded website and contributing to enrollment.


The CRO, sponsor, and sites were very satisfied with recruitment efforts from The CRO let us know that "The study team is very happy with our results, especially since the study completed enrollment one month ahead of schedule! Thank you!”