Asthma - Salt Lake City UT (Clinical Trial # 16508)

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City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip Code: 84102
Study summary: Asthma can complicate your everyday life and can even be fatal. A new study is looking at two FDA approved medications. The purpose is to determine if the combination can reduce your risk of asthma related complications like, hospitalization, needing supplemental prednisone, and even asthma related death.

*No cost to participate
*No insurance needed
*No change in your doctor
*Completely voluntary, no obligation to continue
Qualified participants must: • Be 18 years of age, or older
• Be diagnosed with persistant asthma
• Have either received oral prednisone or been hospitalized for asthma in the last year
Participants may receive: $50.00 per visit, albuterol and study medications provided.
Study is available at: Optimum Clinical Research, Inc.
82 South 1100 East Suite 402
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
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