Clinical Trial 36939

Stanford, CA 94305

Study Summary:

Healthy Volunteers for Multiple Neuroimaging Studies

The Rodriguez Lab is seeking healthy volunteers to participate in clinical research studies evolving the understanding of the brain. We are exploring the function of healthy brain and your participation will help us discover therapies for OCD and Hoarding Disorder.

Qualified Participants Must:

• Be between 40 and 65 years of age
• Have the capacity to provide informed consent

You cannot participate if:
• You have any current or lifetime psychiatric disorder
• You are a pregnant or nursing female
• You have major medical or neurological problem
• You have metallic device or dental braces

Qualified Participants May Receive:

You will recieve up tp $200 depending on the study you will be enrolled at.

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Study is Available At:

Rodriguez Translational Therapeutics Lab
Stanford University
401 Quarry Rd
Stanford, CA 94305
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