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Keyword Number of Searches Per Month
Obesity29,380 searches
Healthy Volunteers23,140 searches
Infertility18,850 searches
Cancer17,160 searches
Diabetes16,380 searches
Multiple Sclerosis10,920 searches
Depression10,790 searches
Hepatitis7,930 searches
Stem Cells7,800 searches
Alzheimer's Disease6,110 searches
Stretch Marks5,850 searches
Sleep5,200 searches
Fibromyalgia4,810 searches
Herpes4,420 searches
Asthma4,160 searches
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)4,160 searches
Smoking3,640 searches
Dental3,250 searches
Psoriasis3,250 searches
Migraine3,120 searches
ADHD2,860 searches
Osteoarthritis2,860 Searches
Back Pain2,860 searches
Constipation2,860 searches
COPD2,860 searches
Hair Loss2,860 searches
Hearing2,860 searches
HIV2,730 searches
Arthritis2,600 Searches
Erectile Dysfunction2,470 Searches
Pain2,470 Searches
Sleep Apnea2,470 Searches
Spinal Cord Injury2,470 Searches
Anxiety2,210 Searches
Parkinsons Disease2,210 Searches
Acne2,080 Searches
Insomnia1,950 Searches
Allergies1,690 Searches
Menopause1,690 Searches
PCOS1,690 Searches
Stroke1,690 Searches
Bipolar1,430 Searches
Fibroids1,430 Searches
Ulcerative Colitis1,430 Searches
Headache1,170 Searches
Hip Pain1,170 Searches
Knee Pain1,170 Searches
Prostate1,170 Searches
Schizophrenia1,170 Searches
Eye Disease1,040 Searches
Hot Flashes1,040 Searches
Shingles1,040 Searches
Rosacea910 Searches
ALS780 Searches
Cholesterol780 Searches
Chronic Pain780 Searches
Diet780 Searches
Endometriosis780 Searches
Gout780 Searches
High Cholesterol780 Searches
HPV780 Searches
Lupus780 Searches
Sleep Study780 Searches
Glaucoma650 Searches
Memory Loss650 Searches
Narcolepsy650 Searches
Acid Reflux520 Searches
Addiction520 Searches
Autism520 Searches
Gastric Bypass520 Searches
Libido520 Searches
Liver520 Searches
Low Back Pain520 Searches
Lymphoma520 Searches
Neuropathy520 Searches
PTSD520 Searches
Snoring520 Searches
Aids390 Searches
Barrett'S Esophagus390 Searches
Chronic Constipation390 Searches
Gallstones390 Searches
Kidney Failure390 Searches
Uterine Fibroids390 Searches
Epilepsy260 Searches
GERD260 Searches
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder260 Searches
Smoking Cessation260 Searches
Tinnitus260 Searches
other searches31,824
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