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Women with lupus and other related disorders produce certain antibodies in the blood. Some women have these antibodies even if they have not yet developed symptoms of lupus or Sjogren's syndrome. When these women become pregnant, they may pass the antibodies to their infants. The infants may then develop a disease called neonatal lupus. The symptoms of neonatal lupus include an abnormally slow heart beat (heart block) and a skin rash. This registry collects information on women and infants affected by neonatal lupus as well as other family members who may be healthy.

Study summary:

Neonatal lupus is a disease seen in babies born to mothers who have antibodies to SSA/Ro and/or SSB/La proteins. The mother may have systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome, or be otherwise healthy. Heart block and a characteristic skin rash are the primary manifestations of neonatal lupus. The Research Registry for Neonatal Lupus was initiated in 1994 to help basic scientists and clinicians better understand the cause of neonatal lupus and discover a cure. The Research Registry is a central repository of patient information, sera, and DNA. The Registry provides blood samples (kept anonymous) to scientists studying neonatal lupus. Information from the registry forms the basis of family counseling and tracks important data such as recurrence rates in subsequent pregnancies and the effects of treatments. The Research Registry also serves as an educational resource for women who are eager to learn about this disease. Women with a child affected by neonatal lupus may enroll in the Registry. Women can be self referred or referred by their doctors. Siblings of women with a child affected by neonatal lupus, fathers and maternal grandparents of children with neonatal lupus, and unaffected siblings of a child with neonatal lupus are also invited to participate in this study. All information on the mother and her family is confidential; only nonidentifying information will be provided to researchers. Women interested in the registry will be sent articles and educational materials about neonatal lupus, a consent form for the Registry, and an enrollment questionnaire. Participants will be asked to sign a medical records release form. Participants will also be asked to donate a blood sample for antibody testing and DNA isolation.


Inclusion Criteria: - Mother with antibodies to SSA/Ro, SSB/La, or ribonucleoproteins (RNP) OR Child of mother with such antibodies who has neonatal lupus (congenital heart block, transient skin rash, and/or hepatic or hematologic manifestations) OR Father of neonatal lupus-affected child OR Maternal grandparents of neonatal lupus-affected child OR Maternal aunts and uncles of neonatal lupus-affected OR Unaffected siblings of neonatal lupus-affected child

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The Research Registry for Neonatal Lupus

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The Research Registry for Neonatal Lupus

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Healthy Volunteers
Oversight Has DMC
Study Is FDA Regulated
Study Is Section 801
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NYU Langone Health

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United States: Federal Government

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Official Name:Jill P. Buyon, MD
Study Director
NYU Medical Center, NYU School of Medicine
Primary Contact:Mala Masson
Backup Contact:Jill Buyon, M.D.

Study Dates

Start Date:September 1994
Completion Date:December 31, 2030
Completion Type:Anticipated
Primary Completion Date:December 31, 2030
Primary Completion Type:Anticipated
Verification Date:September 2022
Last Changed Date:September 6, 2022
First Received Date:December 11, 2003

Study Outcomes

Outcome Type:Primary Outcome
Measure:means of curing and/or preventing neonatal lupus
Time Frame:ongoing
Safety Issues:False
Description:means of curing and/or preventing neonatal lupus
Outcome Type:Secondary Outcome
Measure:identification of pathogenesis of neonatal lupus
Time Frame:ongoing
Safety Issues:False
Description:identification of pathogenesis of neonatal lupus

Study Interventions

Intervention Type:Other
Name:No intervention; observational
Arm Name:human beings
Other Name:The study is observational

Study Arms

Study Arm Type:Other
Arm Name:human beings
Description:human beings of all sexes, ages, and health statuses

Study Agencies

Agency Class:Other
Agency Type:Lead Sponsor
Agency Name:NYU Langone Health

Samples and Retentions

Sample Retention:Samples With DNA
Description: Blood
Study Population: Women with a child affected by neonatal lupus, children affected by neonatal lupus, siblings of children affected by neonatal lupus, siblings of women with a child affected by neonatal lupus, fathers and maternal grandparents of children with neonatal lupus, and unaffected people to serve as controls are invited to participate in this study.
Sample Method:Non-Probability Sample

Study References

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