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The purpose of this research is to better understand people's health and diet knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and practices. The researchers will use this information to implement better strategies to help Americans maintain more nutritious diets.

Study summary:

The overall goal of this study is to determine whether there are differences in perceptions of healthy nutrition messages depending on from whom the message is coming. More specifically, the researchers aim to examine whether there are differences in how people perceive and intend to follow nutrition information that is coming from an unspecified source (control), a social media source (health page), a medical source (hospital), and a government agency (USDA). The unspecified source will serve as a control, as it is the most neutral option (i.e., any other logo would serve as a potential prime for participants' attitudes and beliefs). In addition to the manipulation, the researchers will examine whether any personal characteristics, such as gender and race, predict trust and perceptions.


Inclusion Criteria: - US citizen - have access to internet - have an Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) account Exclusion Criteria: - under 18 years of age - no access to internet

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Survey of Diet and Health Beliefs

Official Title:

Effect of Dietary Advice Source on Perceptions of Information Accuracy and Intended Compliance

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Minimum Age:

18 Years

Maximum Age:

99 Years

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Healthy Volunteers
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Study Is FDA Regulated
Study Is Section 801
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USDA Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center

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Overall Contact Information

Official Name:Alese Nelson, PhD
Principal Investigator
USDA Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center
Primary Contact:Alese Nelson, PhD
Backup Contact:James Roemmich, PhD

Study Dates

Start Date:May 2021
Completion Date:May 2023
Completion Type:Anticipated
Primary Completion Date:May 2023
Primary Completion Type:Anticipated
Verification Date:April 2021
Last Changed Date:April 21, 2021
First Received Date:April 21, 2021

Study Outcomes

Outcome Type:Primary Outcome
Measure:Perception of health information
Time Frame:Baseline
Safety Issues:False
Description:Participants will rate the extent to which they trust the source of health information (i.e., the makers of the flyer) on a 7-point Likert-type scale ranging from not at all (1) to completely (7).

Study Interventions

Intervention Type:Other
Name:Perception of information source
Description:Participants will see the same health advice, with no source or one of three other sources indicated
Arm Name:Control

Study Arms

Study Arm Type:Other
Arm Name:Social media source
Description:A fictional social media user logo will be shown on information provided for review
Study Arm Type:Other
Arm Name:Medical source
Description:A fictional hospital logo will be shown on information provided for review
Study Arm Type:Other
Arm Name:Government source
Description:A government logo will be shown on information provided for review
Study Arm Type:Other
Arm Name:Control
Description:No source will be indicated on information provided for review

Study Agencies

Agency Class:U.S. Fed
Agency Type:Lead Sponsor
Agency Name:USDA Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center

Samples and Retentions

Study Population: Participants will include American adults aged 18 and over. Minors, i.e., those under 18, will be excluded. To participate, people must have access to internet. Therefore, by default, those who do not have internet access will be excluded from this study. Due to the nature of this study, participants from all over the country will be eligible to participate.
Sample Method:Non-Probability Sample

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Date Processed: September 24, 2021

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