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  • Pediatric Obesity


Insulin Resistance is the best predictor of whether the obese adolescent will develop type 2 diabetes. The present studies will focus on determining what might cause fat to accumulate in the subcutaneous fat regions and lead to local inflammation, causing insulin resistance to develop in obese adolescents.

Study summary:

The purpose of this study is to test whether the reduced transcription of key lipogenic/adipogenic genes in abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) in obese adolescents with a High VAT/SAT (visceral adipose tissue/subcutaneous adipose tissue) ratio translates functionally into a reduced in vivo triglyceride (TG) synthesis and adipocyte proliferation, which in turn will contribute to ectopic fat accumulation and insulin resistance (IR). To test whether the storage capacity of gluteal SAT is linked to the level of VAT/SAT fat distribution in obese adolescents. To explore if changes in dietary fat intake (palmitate intake), alters ceramide concentration in both plasma and adipose tissue (AT) and the Inflammasome complex in the different fat distribution phenotypes and their associations with IR.


Inclusion Criteria: - Overweight (85-95th% age and gender specific) or Obese (>95th% age and gender specific) - Ages 12-18 years - Absence of any endocrinopathy - Absence of any therapy with medication known to alter glucose metabolism (i.e.: Oral steroids, certain psychiatric medications such as Xeleca, Lithium, Paxil) - English Speaking subjects Exclusion Criteria: - Any disease known to alter glucose metabolism (T2DM) - Diuretic Medication - Pregnant or breastfeeding - Type 1 or 2 diabetes



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Principal Investigator
Sonia Caprio, MD
Yale University

Jessica M Nouws, BS
Phone: 203.785.6972

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Bridget Pierpont, MA
Phone: 203.785.2942

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New Haven, Connecticut 06511
United States

Bridget Pierpont

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Date Processed: September 16, 2021

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