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  • Tobacco Use Disorder


The purpose of this research study is to examine the effects of theta-burst Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on inhibitory control and smoking among adult cigarette smokers.


Inclusion Criteria: 1. Be between the ages of 18 and 65. 2. Be in stable mental and physical health. 3. Be willing to provide informed consent. 4. Be able to comply with protocol requirements and likely to complete all study procedures. 5. Be a current nicotine dependent cigarette smoker (smoke ≥10 cigs/day) with a minimum smoking history of smoking an average of ≥ 10 cigs/day over the past two years. Exclusion Criteria: - 1. Contraindication to MRI (e.g., presence of metal in the skull, orbits or intracranial cavity, claustrophobia). 2. Contraindication to TMS (history of neurological disorder or seizure, increased intracranial pressure, brain surgery, or head trauma with loss of consciousness for > 15 minutes, implanted electronic device, metal in the head, or pregnancy, as indicated by a positive urine pregnancy test at screening). 3. Any use of substances that lower seizure threshold (such as thyroid medications or cocaine). 4. History of autoimmune, endocrine, viral, or vascular disorder affecting the brain. 5. History or MRI evidence of neurological disorder that would lead to local or diffuse brain lesions or significant physical impairment. 6. Unstable cardiac disease, uncontrolled hypertension, severe renal or liver insufficiency, or sleep apnea. 7. BAC greater than 0.0. 8. Any other condition or concern that in the Investigator's opinion would impact participant safety, compliance with study instructions, or potentially confound the interpretation of the study results.



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Madhura Athreya, MS
Phone: 5738822977

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Brett Froeliger, PhD
Phone: 5738824785

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Columbia, Missouri 65211
United States

Brett Froeliger, PhD
Phone: 573-882-4785

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Date Processed: August 03, 2021

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