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  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


This study will assess the efficacy of the text messaging (SMS-based) disease management intervention for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) using the timeliness of stimulant prescription renewals over a 9-month period. Parents of participants in the study will receive customized text messages once a day, Sunday through Friday, for a duration of 9 months. The text messages will include reminders to adhere to the individualized medication regimen, reminders to call their child's clinician for a prescription refill followed by reminders to pick up medication from the pharmacy, and educational reminders about ADHD and its treatment.


Inclusion Criteria: - Children 6-12 years of age of both sexes and their parent - A diagnosis of ICD-10 or DSM 5 diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder including the following ICD codes (F90 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders; F90.0 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive type; F90.1 Attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly hyperactive type; F90.2 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type;F90.8 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, other type; F90.9 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type) and/or the following DSM 5 diagnoses (314.01, F90.2 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, combined presentation; 314.01, F90.1 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive presentation;314.00, F90.0 Attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive presentation) - Starting or currently on stimulant medication including (Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine (Adderall);Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine, ProCentra, Zenzedi, Adderall XR); Dexmethylphenidate (Focalin, Focalin XR); Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Ritalin SR, Metadate ER, Methylin ER, Concerta, Daytrana, Metadate CD, Quillivant XR, Ritalin LA); Amphetamine sulfate (Evekeo); Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse)) - Proficient in English - Has a cellular phone with text messaging capabilities and is interested in and willing to receive free of charge text messages Exclusion Criteria: - Investigator and his/her immediate family - Unwilling/unable to comply with study procedures



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Cecilia Law, BA
Phone: 617-724-2551

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Boston, Massachusetts 02114
United States

Haley Driscoll, BA
Phone: 617-724-2551

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Date Processed: August 02, 2021

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