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Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108

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This study is designed to explore the sedative and analgesic effectiveness of the Midazolam/Ketamine melt compared to Midazolam melt alone or Ketamine melt alone in subjects undergoing intraocular surgery.

Study summary:

Cataract surgery today is a highly effective and efficient procedure, with average times for completion ranging around 15 minutes in duration. Patients undergoing cataract surgery are typically given sedatives and often times pain medication (e.g. opioids) just prior to and during the procedure. The overwhelming majority of patients are given these medications via intravenous administration. The insertion of an IV line has been associated with patient complaints of pain and bruising, and can increase the administrative burden on the clinical staff. In addition to the national crisis surrounding opioid abuse, opioids have many negative side effects during cataract surgery such as respiratory depression, dizziness, nausea, and post- operative vomiting. To reduce the side effects, improve patient satisfaction, and help surgical center flow the Midazolam/Ketamine melt (MK Melt) has been suggested as an alternative to provide sedation and analgesia in subjects undergoing minor outpatient surgery, such as cataract surgery. The addition of ketamine should provide enough analgesia for the mild discomfort reported during cataract surgery. This study is intended to evaluate the MK Melt and its ability to provide an adequate level of both sedation and intraoperative pain control vs an active control.


Inclusion Criteria: 1. Subjects must be male or female, and between the ages of 55-80 years old. 2. Subjects willing and able to sign the informed consent and capable of committing to the duration of the study. 3. Subjects undergoing uncomplicated stand-alone cataract surgery without planned use of Omidria or intra-operative lidocaine. 4. Subjects that are willing to have an IV placed prior to intraocular surgery 5. Subjects undergoing first eye cataract surgery 6. Subjects that in the opinion of the investigator can tolerate 1 dose of MK 3/50 Melt. Exclusion Criteria: 1. Subjects who have undergone sedation in the past 90 days. 2. Women who are pregnant or lactating at the time of the study. 3. Subjects who do not wish to or cannot comply with study procedures. 4. Subject with any cognitive impairment (i.e: Alzheimer's, dementia, etc.) that in the opinion of the investigator may confound the study results. 5. Subjects with history of substance abuse. 6. Subjects that are currently taking a prescription pain medication. 7. Subjects that are not willing to abstain from all over-the-counter pain medication with the exception of 500-1000mg acetaminophen for 24 hours prior to surgery. 8. Subjects that are not willing to abstain from NSAID or steroid eye drops prior to surgery. 9. Subjects with planned use of femtosecond laser, zepto, iris hooks or a malyugin ring during cataract surgery. 10. Subjects with chronic pain rated moderate to severe within the past week. 11. Subjects that have a psychiatric disorder that is currently uncontrolled. 12. Subjects scheduled for same day bilateral or second eye cataract surgery.



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Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108
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Date Processed: June 21, 2021

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