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  • Motor Recovery


The overall goal is to investigate the effectiveness of a novel intervention - Breathing-controlled electrical stimulation (BreEStim) on finger flexor spasticity reduction and hand function improvement in chronic stroke with severe impairment.


Inclusion criteria: - has post stroke ≥ 6 months , medically stable; - Unilateral, single stroke (no restriction on type (ischemic or hemorrhagic) or volume (large or small) of stroke); - MAS score ≥ 1, i.e., detectable finger flexor hypertonia; Exclusion criteria include: - Patients with visual deficit/neglect; hearing or cognitive impairment; - Patients with history of pulmonary disease (Asthma, chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, COPD); - Patients that are currently adjusting tone alternating medications (e.g., baclofen), or - Patients received botulinum toxin injection to the arm/fingers <4 months, or phenol injections < 2 years; - Patients with a pacemaker; - Women who are pregnant.



Primary Contact:

Principal Investigator
Sheng Li, MD, PhD
University of Texas

Sheng Li, MD, PhD
Phone: (713) 797-7125
Email: sheng.li@uth.tmc.edu

Backup Contact:

Email: shengai.li@uth.tmc.edu
Shengai Li, MS
Phone: 713-797-7561

Location Contact:

Houston, Texas 77030
United States

Sheng Li, MD, PhD
Phone: 713-500-5874
Email: sheng.li@uth.tmc.edu

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Date Processed: June 24, 2021

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