Low Testosterone/Ejaculatory Disorder - New York NY (Clinical Trial # 13782)

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City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10065
Study summary: Department of Urology and Reproductive Medicine are currently enrolling men 26 years old and up who experience symptoms of problems with ejaculation. You may qualify for the study if you are unable to ejaculate at all, it takes you a long time to ejaculate, you experience decrease force of ejaculation and/or decrease volume (amount) of ejaculate. Men with premature ejaculation DO NOT qualify for this study.

If you experience any of the above symptoms and believe you have low testosterone (you feel tired, low energy, problems with erections, Low sex drive, little or no morning erections) please contact our study coordinator to enroll in the study and have your testosterone checked.

The study involves a series of ten visits, a non-invasive ultrasound with no known side effects, bloods test with a minimal amount of blood drawn, and questionnaires. Only men with ejaculatory dysfunction and confirmed low testosterone are being enrolled in this study.
Qualified participants must: • Have symptoms of ejaculatory disorder
• Be willing to complete study questionnaires
• Be willing to do minimal blood work
• Be sexually active with an adult female
• Be able and willing to produce semen sample
Participants may receive: An inconvenience fee totaling $1048 if you complete the full study.
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