• Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC

    4495 Hale Pkwy. Suite 101 Denver, CO 80220

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC is a local Denver research center dedicated to conducting clinical research trials in the areas of dermatology, women’s health, and internal medicine. These studies are conducted for a number of prestigious US and International pharmaceutical companies who trust in the quality and integrity of our work. Our board certified physicians are highly experienced in their specialties and in conducting clinical trials. The studies that we conduct are for investigational medications that have already passed the first human testing phase and perhaps have already received FDA approval. Some of the studies we are currently conducting include treatments for psoriasis, acne, hypertension, breast pain, very-high triglycerides, and type II diabetes.

  • Research Site Description:

    Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC is a modern and well equipped research facility designed specifically to conduct clinical research studies. In addition to being furnished with all the necessary equipment and space for efficiently conducting research it also has a pleasant and comfortable environment that puts our study volunteers at ease. The center is located in central Denver which makes it easily accessible to the city’s residents and the greater Denver Metro area. It is just a block north of Rose Medical and the VA Medical Centers and just a few blocks southeast of the intersection of East Colfax and Colorado Blvd.

  • Patient Demographics:

    Each study that Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC conducts has its own specific patient demographics and since we conduct a wide range of studies our patient demographics can be quite diverse. Please view the studies we are conducting that are listed on this site or visit our website to see more specific details on patient demographics.

  • Additional Information:

    A large portion of the population in Denver consists of Spanish speakers (approximately 35%). The clinical studies we conduct offer numerous benefits to those who volunteer to participate in them and to not offer the benefits of clinical research to a large portion of the population would not be fair. Therefore, all of our full-time staff and coordinators are bilingual in English and Spanish enabling us to recruit volunteers from each segment of the population. All of our study volunteers, regardless of the language they speak, are very important to us and to the study they participate in. It is only through the help of study volunteers that our quality of life is constantly being improved with new and innovative medical treatments. To us each of our study participants is a very important person and we pride ourselves on the care, respect and treatment we give to each and every one.

  • Contact Information:

    Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC can be contacted by phone at 303-399-4067, by e-mail to info@horizonscrc.com or via our website at www.horizonscrc.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.