• Achieve Clinical Research - Birmingham, AL

    2017 Canyon Road, Suite 41 Birmingham, AL 35216

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Achieve Clinical Research is an Accel Research Company. Privately owned, Achieve is based in Birmingham, AL. Our Birmingham facility is in the center of the medical corridor of the city, between St. Vincent’s Hospital and Brookwood Medical Center, at which our staff also maintains hospital privileges. Birmingham is a thriving city with many Senior Communities and Colleges located nearby and access to local highways are near our facility for easy access. We pride ourselves on delivering quality and speed to our pharmaceutical and bio-technology Sponsors, as well as all leading Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s).

  • Research Site Description:

    Not Provided

  • Patient Demographics:

    At Achieve, we utilize the expertise and skill of our entire team to meet and exceed the specific needs and time lines of our sponsors. Our focus has always been to work tirelessly today to bring the drugs of tomorrow to our community.

  • Additional Information:

    Please contact one of our recruitment specialists today at (205)757-8208 or visit our website at www.achieveclinical.com

  • Contact Information:

    Our medical team prides itself on providing rapid start-ups, speedy, accurate project management and efficient protocol achievement.
    • We have rapid start up capabilities with our efficient submission techniques, as we can obtain approval and begin studies within several days of receiving final protocol.
    • We have a precise chain of custody for vital documents and investigational substances with our innovative tracking system.
    • In order to stringently comply with regulations regarding the protection of human research patients and ensure rapid expedited and unconditioned approvals, we maintain a database of FDA inspected Institutional Review Boards in addition to our central IRB.
    • Our medical staff can promptly identify and track even the most complicated patient populations with our unique and innovative clinical trials management system. In an ever-evolving industry where accuracy is critical, data is sensitive and timing is vital, this state-of-the-art, efficient data management system is essential.

Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.