• Pharmacology Research Institute - Newport Beach - Wake

    1601 Dove Street Suite 290 Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Pharmacology Research Institute (PRI) is an independent scientific research organization which began to conduct clinical studies for both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in 1975. Referrals to the Institute's three offices are made by private medical/mental health professionals, agencies, health care facilities, family members, friends, or by the individuals themselves. All of PRI's services are provided AT NO CHARGE to the public.

    PRI is a part of M3-Wake Research, an integrated organization of premier investigational sites working closely with and meeting the needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations in North America. Wake Research is affiliated with large multi-specialty group practices, hospitals and healthcare systems. Additionally, Wake Research has its own proprietary patient database of more than 2 million potential clinical trial participants—men and women, children and adults, across all ethnicities—for all kinds of adaptive and other types of trial designs. 

  • Research Site Description:

    PRI has internationally recognized expertise in pharmacological and multi-dimensional research. Diagnostic categories treated include depression, anxiety, diabetes, insomnia, migraine headaches, mild cognitive impairment, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Alzheimer's Disease. We have outpatient clinics in Newport Beach, Encino, and Los Alamitos, making PRI easily accessible to persons in Orange County, Los Angeles County, including the San Fernando Valley, and Riverside County.

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  • Patient Demographics:

    PRI's offices are conveniently and strategically located in the San Fernando Valley (population of 1.7 million), the Los Angeles Harbor area (population of 3.3 million), and Orange County area (population of 2.8 million). Each population base is demographically distinct, ranging from 22% to 64% non-white in race. Similar diversity in age, education, language, and income can also be targeted for special studies.

  • Additional Information:

    PRI's Mission Statement:

    • To provide the highest quality of service for the well being of our patients in an environment that provides professional, courteous and friendly service.
    • To advance knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical medicine, conducting scientifically valid and reliable research studies that contribute to the maintenance and improvement in one's health and quality of life.
    • To maintain an environment where teamwork and camaraderie flourish, enabling us to be productive and professional in an enjoyable atmosphere.
    • To promote a spirit of collaboration and involvement that encourages scientific inquiry, productivity, pride and professional development.

  • Contact Information:

    Newport Beach/Orange County Office

    1601 Dove St., Suite 290
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
    Phone: 949-752-7910

    For the location nearest you, please call us toll-free (in California) at 1-888-PRI-HOPE. Or visit our website at www.priresearch.com.