• Clinical Research Consortium - Las Vegas NV

    2110 E Flamingo Ave Ste 330 Las Vegas, NV 89119

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Clinical Research Consortium, (CRC) is a dedicated clinical research center working with pharmaceutical sponsors to advance patient care and wellness through world class clinical research by providing on site clinical coordinating services to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Research Site Description:

    •Dedicated research exam rooms •On-site laboratory and processing facility •ECG machine •Temperature controlled double-locked drug storage •Temperature controlled -20° and -70° freezers and refrigerators •Access to dry ice •X-ray facilities •Experienced with 24hr ABPM equimpment •DEXA scanning capabilities •Back-up power supply •Inpatient and outpatient facilities •On-site emergency equipment •Climate-controlled record archival •Private area for monitors to work with access to phone, high-speed internet and fax •Spirometry equipment •Ambient and refrigerated centrifuges •Infusion Pumps

  • Patient Demographics:

    Patient databases include over 30,000 adult, geriatric, and pediatric records

  • Additional Information:

    CRC's mission is to contribute to the development of reliable pharmaceutical compounds while improving the health of local, national and international communities.

  • Contact Information:

    Clinical Research Consortium 4275 South Burnham, Suite 103 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 Office: 702-597-9825 Fax: 702-597-1596 www.crctrials.com

Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.