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  • Research Site Introduction:

    Since 1994, the Medical Center for Clinical Research (MCCR) has clinically tested and evaluated both new and previously approved medical treatments. With its roots in women’s health, MCCR has studied treatments developed for a wide variety of women’s health indications as well as numerous treatments for conditions affecting both men and women. Previous study conditions have included irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acne, migraine, overactive bladder, and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

    Director Dane M. Shipp, MD is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, and has specialized in the treatment of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, contraception, acne, migraines, obesity, dermatitis, sexual dysfunction, urology, vaccines, gastroenterology, and menopause. Dr. Shipp leads a well-trained medical staff, including a research site manager, a nurse midwife, study coordinators, and laboratory personnel specially trained in phlebotomy and other technical procedures required for clinical trials. All have expertise in the specific areas each study requires, ensuring a professional and successful experience.

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  • Research Site Description:

    Medical Center for Clinical Research is now a part of the Wake Research organization of unified investigational sites.

    About Wake Research
    Wake Research is an organization of integrated investigational sites, committed to excellence, working closely with and meeting the needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Wake Research sites are fully equipped to meet the needs of sponsors and CROs in the conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials in a large variety of indications.

    Wake Research is known for effectively combining strategic volunteer recruitment and retention with high-quality clinical trial conduct. Our organization uses standardized operating procedures and centralized marketing and advertising to ensure rapid subject enrollment. We have conducted over 5,900 research studies for hundreds of pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs since 1984. Wake Research’s mission is to bring novel medications, biologics and devices through clinical research to as many people as possible, while providing unparalleled service and exceptional value to clinical trial partners and stakeholders.

    Read more about our partner sites and global reach at https://www.wakeresearch.com.

  • Patient Demographics:

    San Diego’s designated market area (DMA) has an estimated population of 3,155,372, and ranks in the top 30 for largest TV advertising markets in North America.

    White 46.78%
    Hispanic or Latino 33.54%
    Asian 11.10%
    Black or African American 4.48%
    Other 37.64%

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