• Noble Clinical Research

    2055 W Hospital Dr Suite 175 Tucson, AZ 85704

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Dedication for Sponsors and CROs

    Noble Clinical Research is a dedicated research site coupled with multi-specialty and family practice doctors that conducts Phase I-IV research studies. . We are committed to providing our Sponsors and CROs with the highest quality of data while meeting or exceeding our enrollment goals!

    Our success is contributed to having a well-educated and diverse corporate team that is able to keep its finger on the pulse at all times, unlike a SMO we are a hands-on organization that knows how to achieve high enrollment while providing high quality data."

  • Research Site Description:

    With a track record of dozens of successfully conducted studies, Noble Clinical Research has earned accolades from many of the top leading pharmaceutical companies.Our site has virtually worked with every leading CRO, Sponsor and IRB in the U.S. and has never failed to meet an assigned enrollment goal. Our stream lined and organized processes allow us to perform rapid enrollment and fast startup while maintaining a high level of quality source data.

    Our organization is able to offer rapid study startup, excellent levels of enrollment of subjects, and high quality source data. For volunteers, we offer a welcoming atmosphere, reminding them of the importance of their contribution to medical science. Our 2000+ square foot facility is coupled with a family medicine practice that has over 3,000 patients, and our research database has over thousands of potential candidates. Our facility has 3 fully equipped exam rooms, a CLIA certified lab, highly secure storage of IP, and comfortable quarters for visiting CRAs. Our research staff has a combined 15 years’ experience in conducting Phase II-IV clinical trials. Our experienced recruitment team and dedicated 24-hour call center contribute to our success in high enrollment as well as subject retention.

  • Patient Demographics:

    In Tucson Arizona our site see an older patient population that has time to do clinical trials.

    We are also near the college and downtown for a well rounded age and ethnicity breakdown. 

  • Additional Information:

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  • Contact Information:

    Dena Petersen, MD