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    304 N MAIN Street Chiefland, FL 32626

  • Research Site Introduction:

    We feel priveledged to participate in the Advancement of Science.  Clinical research is the cornerstone of the development of next generation medical treatments. Patients or their family may benefit from their participation by receiving treatment options that otherwise would be expensive or unavailable.  Perhaps the greatest opportunity is to support advancement of medicine for future generations.  Our site has conducted many clinical trials in many indications since its induction in May of 2006.  We strive to provide excellent medical care to our patients and high quality data to our sponsors. 

  • Research Site Description:

    Our site is a stand alone research site that participates in multi-specialty research.  We have state of the art equiptment which includes a double locked storage room for medications, a refrigerator, a -40 degree freezer, centrifuge, Min/Max themometers, EKG, Lab, and quality control/assurance checks that are logged daily.  We have 3 investigators, 3 Coordinators, Recruiter, and a Regulatory Administrator.  We have satelite sites which are private practice sites.  We have been conducting research since May 2006 for indications such as hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, weight loss, otitis media in children, COPD, hyperlipidemia, triglyceridema, endometriosis, ankle sprains, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, asthma in children and adults, back pain, migraines, vaccines, pneumonia, sinusitis, allergies, flu, hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, Endometriosis, urinary tract infection, and other women's health conditions. We pride ourselves in providing excellent medical care to our patients and high quality data to our sponsors.

  • Patient Demographics:

    According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Chiefland Fl was:

    • White: 60.18%
    • Black or African American: 36.41%
    • Two or more races: 2.51%
    • Native American: 0.54%
    • Asian: 0.36%

  • Additional Information:

    Our site has been recognized for being top enrollers in several trials.  We pride ourselves in quick query resolution, prompt data entry and a less than 2 week turn around on regulatory, contracts and budgets.  We have been through FDA audits with no findings.  We have also been audited by sponsors for being a high enrolling site without and critical findings.  Our director has over 22 years experience in clinical trials.  We have 2 PI's with more than 7 years experiance in clinical trials who are board certified in OB/GYN, Cardiology and internal medicine, 2 ARNP's which include women's health, family care and pediatrics.  

  • Contact Information:

    Southeast Clinical Research, LLC

    304 NE 1st Street

    Chiefland, FL  32626

    Tammy Parrott



Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.