• Bradenton Research Center Inc.

    3924 9th Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Bradenton Research Center is one of the country’s leading medical research facilities.  We transform and modernize the way healthcare is provided to patients, supported by studies and backed by the latest technology.  

    Under the direction of Medical Director Eric Folkens, M.D., our mission is to discover cures and treatments for various diseases. Our program uses the most effective methods and acquired expertise to assist and meet patients’ healthcare needs across a wide range of crippling and life-threatening diseases.

  • Research Site Description:

    Our research team at the Bradenton Research Center, led by Medical Director Eric Folkens, M.D., has over 25 years of experience in medical research. Our staff includes clinical study specialists with over 10 years of research experience, regulatory specialists, and specialty recruitment coordinators.You will receive comprehensive care and coverage for diseases we’ve studied, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, influenza, neuropathic pain, type-2 diabetes, and more. 

    Our focus is to provide high-quality patient treatment with no charge to you. Our team consists of doctors, advanced practice registered nurses, physicians, and medical professionals with unparalleled dedication to achieving high-quality medicine.

    Our office amenities include a recliner and vibrating chairs, TVs, Wi-Fi, water, tea, and snacks for patients and their study partners or caregivers. We undertake Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials at our state-of-the-art facility. We offer two spacious workplaces with high-speed internet, fax, two refrigerated centrifuges, EKG equipment, -20°C and -70°C freezers, dry ice, refrigerators, and guarded locked storage. 

  • Patient Demographics:

    The fundamental idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life is the foundation for Bradenton Research Center.

  • Additional Information:

    According to our customer satisfaction surveys, 99% of our patients are happy with the service they get from us. We prioritize the needs of our patients while following strict technical guidelines. We strictly adhere to FDA standards as well as other protective state and federal laws on conducting research for the benefit of our volunteers. We work with the intention and purpose of influencing medicine for a better future.

Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.