• Vida Clinical Studies

    24326 W. Warren St Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

  • Research Site Introduction:

    We are Vida Clinical Studies, located in the heart of the medical community in Dearborn/Dearborn Heights, Michigan. We come from a diverse community that strives to give back. We started our private facility in the hopes of aiding the advancement of medical procedures, devices, and medicine. As professionals, our goal is to provide the best possible care while respecting the rights of each and every patient. We believe that our research facility stands out as it was created with the patient in mind and with the intention of providing pharmaceutical companies with the data needed to advance medicine for all.

  • Research Site Description:

    Our facility has 4 patient rooms and 3 simulated testing environments.

  • Patient Demographics:

    Our patient population is very diverse. We focus on breaking the stigma of clinical research within minority populations.

  • Additional Information:

    Not Provided.

  • Contact Information:

    Vida Clinical Studies

    Hisham Atriss, Site Owner



Active Studies:

There are no active studies for this clinic.