• Trio Clinical Trials LLC

    1235 North West Loop Suit 220 Houston, TX 77008

  • Research Site Introduction:

    All clinical trials are overseen by a highly skilled and licensed doctor.

    If you are accepted into a study, you could be provided a new and promising medication that is not yet available to the public

    Our approach is firmly grounded in comprehensive project management principles and well-defined processes.

  • Research Site Description:

    We want to ensure great research, so it can improve the lives of people by providing world class technology solutions.

    Our streamlined and organized processes allow us to perform rapid enrollment and fast startup while maintaining a high level of quality source data.

    Dedicated research facility with 5 exam rooms, a dedicated CLIA certified lab, monitoring quarters, FDA secured IP storage and accommodations for 24 hour and overnight visits.

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  • Patient Demographics:

    Children Male and Female upto 9 years of age

    Adolescents Male / Female - 10-19 years

    Adults - Male / Female - 20-45 years

    Middle Age Male / Female - 46-60 years Old > 60