Clinical Trial 13567

Atlanta, GA 30308

Study Summary:

Acurian is a company that specializes in recruiting people for clinical research studies. We are currently working with a pharmaceutical company to find people with depression who might like to take part in a local research study.

If you or a loved one has depression, we’d like to share with you information about this study.

If you qualify to participate, you will receive the following at no cost to you:

  • Study-related medical evaluations
  • Care from a qualified physician in your area who will closely monitor your depression
  • Study drug, which may include an FDA approved antidepressant
  • Compensation of up to $50 per visit may be available for completing each of 14 required visits (up to $700), paid upon study completion

Please call toll free 1-877-237-6024 between 8AM and 10 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, or follow the instructions below.

Clinical trials are medical research studies designed to test the safety and/or effectiveness of new investigational drugs, devices, or treatments in humans. These studies are conducted worldwide for a range of conditions and illnesses. Learn more about clinical research and participating in a study at About Clinical Trials.