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Study Summary:

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What are the FIDELIO-DKD and FIGARO-DKD studies?

The FIDELIO-DKD and FIGARO-DKD studies are clinical research studies for adults with type 2 diabetes and diabetic kidney disease (DKD). The purpose of the studies is to evaluate whether adding an investigational medication to regular treatment may be safe and effective to help slow the progression of kidney disease in patients with DKD and type 2 diabetes. The studies will also look at whether the addition of the investigational medication to regular treatment may help reduce more serious complications of DKD like heart disease or stroke.

Who can participate?

You may be able to join either the FIDELIO-DKD study or the FIGARO-DKD study if you:

  • Are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • Have reduced kidney function as a result of diabetes
  • Have been told you have high protein levels in your urine
  • Are receiving treatment for high blood pressure
  • Are at least 18 years old

Before choosing to participate in a clinical research study you can speak to your doctor to find out more information about clinical research.

Study is Available At:

To learn more about the FIDELIO-DKD and FIGARO-DKD studies, and to see if you may pre-qualify, visit

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