Clinical Trial 44280

Birmingham, AL 35205


Participate in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine research study

Immediately seeking interested participants in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine research study

Beginning July 27, Ascension St. Vincent’s is helping support a research study for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The study is being conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Researchers will also be studying the vaccine's effectiveness in preventing severe coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are immediately seeking adults, at risk of contracting coronavirus, age 18 and older, with no known history of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, who may be interested in participating. High risk is defined as an adult whose locations or circumstances put them at appreciable risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.  This is inclusive, but not limited to: being Age 65 or older, working in an environment that puts you at risk for COVID-19 (for example hospital, school, restaurants, factory, transportation, personal care, hospitality, etc.), or your ethnic background is one African American, Latinx, American Indian or Alaskan Native.

To qualify participants must:

●     Be 18 years of age or older.

●     Have no known history of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

●     Be willing to participate in research study over a two-year period.

●     Be at high risk of contracting coronavirus

Qualified Participants May Receive:

As part of this study, we ask that participants are able to make themselves available for appointments and phone calls over a two-year period. The study will consist of up to seven outpatient visits and 24 phone calls for a period of 25 months. If you develop coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, additional visits may be required. Please know that the first visit will last about 3 hours.

There is no cost to participate. Participants may be compensated for their time and travel.

Clinical trials are medical research studies designed to test the safety and/or effectiveness of new investigational drugs, devices, or treatments in humans. These studies are conducted worldwide for a range of conditions and illnesses. Learn more about clinical research and participating in a study at About Clinical Trials.