Clinical Trial 4773

Mesa, AZ 85206

Study Summary:

Acurian is a company that connects people with clinical research opportunities in their area. We are working with a pharmaceutical company to find women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood changes, or problems sleeping.

As a doctor, I know that women who reach menopause sometimes struggle with these uncomfortable symptoms. I also know that the risk of osteoporosis and a loss of bone strength becomes a concern.

If you or someone you know has reached menopause, please take a moment to read about a research study in your area that is designed just for women. The following benefits are available to those who qualify to participate:

  • Study related care and health screenings
  • Investigational drug at no cost
  • Possible payment for time and travel
  • Vitamin D and calcium supplements at no cost
Please allow Acurian to share information about this research study with you or someone you know. Simply continue below or call toll free XXX-XXX-XXXX between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) Monday-Friday.


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Clinical trials are medical research studies designed to test the safety and/or effectiveness of new investigational drugs, devices, or treatments in humans. These studies are conducted worldwide for a range of conditions and illnesses. Learn more about clinical research and participating in a study at About Clinical Trials.