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Clinical Trial 6935

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Study Summary:

Paid fMRI Neuroimaging Research Study with Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke

We are seeking individuals diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke to participate in a fMRI study on brain activity. The goal of this study is to identify a novel approach to determine the extent of functional deficit associated with stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). By participating in this study, you will contribute to the scientific advancement of new techniques to predict the extent of recovery of patients suffering from stroke and TBI. Tasks involve viewing commercial films and playing video games while in an fMRI scanner. Omneuron is located in Menlo Park, CA.
  • Participants must be between 18 and 65 years old
  • You will need to arrange transportation to our office in Menlo Park, for 1- 7 sessions, approximately 2h per visit.
  • You will complete questionnaires, and be scanned in a full-body MRI machine, while viewing commercially available media or video games through virtual reality goggles.
  • You cannot participate if you have a sensitivity to noise, claustrophobia, tattoos on your head or face, MRI incompatible implanted medical devices or extensive dental work. Women cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding or seeking to become pregnant, and this will be verified by a self-administered urine test.
  • MRI does not involve ionizing radiation or X-rays.
Eligible conditions include stroke or traumatic brain injury with a ‘large’ (e.g., multi-centimeter) cortical lesion including significant cortical territory, preferably in the visual (posterior) cortex.

Exclusions include significant cognitive impairment or deficits in language comprehension that would make it difficult to read and comprehend written information, watch a movie, or play a video game). Exclusion criteria also include physical deficits that do not allow unassisted movement onto the MRI scanner bed or inability to lie still in the MRI scanner for up to about one hour.

All subjects will be required to provide a verification of a diagnosis to participate in this study.

Eligible participants will be paid $10 hour for travel or time spent filling in forms and $20h for time spent in the scanner.

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