Clinical Trial 6958

Norfolk, VA 23456

Study Summary:

Is it a Yeast Infection, or is it actually Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?
Most women mistake Bacterial Vaginosis for the common yeast infection. Although some symptoms of BV and Yeast Infections are similar – there are two distinct characteristics of BV.
If you are currently experiencing what you think are yeast infection symptoms, but the over-the-counter medication you’re using isn’t working, you may actually have Bacterial Vaginosis. A leading women’s health professional from the (insert site city here) area is conducting a clinical research study for adult women who are currently experiencing symptoms of BV… and participants are needed.
If qualified, you’ll receive
• study medication at no cost and
• compensation for your time.
Health insurance is not needed and your participation is completely confidential. myspace hit counter

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