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Study summary

<b>Enteric Hyperoxaluria (EH) - Multiple Locations in the US</b>

You may qualify to join in the inNOVate clinical research study for people with enteric hyperoxaluria (EH) following gastric bypass surgery.

EH is a disorder in which a naturally occurring substance called oxalate builds up in the body, causing kidney stones and other problems. Some people develop EH after gastric bypass because the changes to the stomach and small intestine may change the body’s ability to remove oxalate well. This study is researching whether a new study drug is safe and tolerable, and to see if it can help the body remove enough oxalate to avoid this buildup.

Qualified participants will receive:
  • Possible access to a new study drug
    • Some participants will receive placebo, which has no active ingredients. Participants have a 75% chance of receiving the study drug
  • Study-related lab tests and physical exams
    • This will include regular stool and urine samples. These help the study team better understand how the study drug works in the body
  • Education about EH

Study is available at

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Study Locations