ClinicalConnection now partners with companies outside of the clinical research industry who need to reach specific patients. With PATIENTSelectTM you can leverage our database of more than 850,000 members for Direct To Patient Advertising or Market Research.

Quickly target patients with specific diseases or medical conditions about new FDA-approved treatments, survey opportunities or to gather patient insights and experiences. If your project calls for generally healthy patients, we can reach them as well.

PATIENTSelectTM Service


  • New FDA Approved Treatments
  • Market Research
  • Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA)
  • Patient Education
  • Product Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • New Patient Marketing
  • Other applications that meet internal guidelines

Member Alerts

Our exclusive PatientEdge™ database has more than 850,000 members who are interested in learning more about ways to improve their health. Utilize our patient recruitment services and we'll send an notification about your opportunity to members who are likely to be interested. Our streamlined processes and highly engaged members means you’ll get great results – quickly. Utilize clinical trial direct to patient advertising today to improve your enrollment rates.

Worldwide Targeting

Engage with our members around a city or a region in the U.S. Need even broader outreach? We can target nationwide or worldwide. No matter how broad or narrow your geography is, we’ll target our database for the right people and invite them to participate.

Send us an inquiry or call 1-800-887-0639 to discuss your project with our team.

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