We offer three pricing options for Multicenter Study Listing Services:

Pay Per Referral

(Pay for Performance)
  • Monthly fees are based on the number of referrals generated. The per referral fee varies for each condition. The referrals can be pre-screened if a screener website is available (can be developed by ClinicalConnection).
  • This pricing is most effective for uncommon or acute conditions, or protocols with very restrictive eligibility criteria that present a recruitment challenge.

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Subscription Package

(Monthly Flat Rate)
  • Monthly fees are based on a predetermined flat rate. We offer special pricing options for using ClinicalConnection as a preferred vendor for multiple, concurrent recruitment campaigns. This fee varies depending on the volume of projects.
  • This pricing option is most effective when utilizing our services for multiple projects at a time.

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Pricing for Additional Options

Digital Advertising - Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The cost of a PPC marketing campaign is dependent on the number of sites you would like to advertise. We will recommend a monthly budget per location in order to run an effective PPC marketing campaign based on your Multicenter study listing.

Digital Advertising - Social Media Marketing

Pricing is monthly. The pricing for each social media marketing campaign is based on the social media websites you select and the target populations. If you are interested in a quote or learning more about our Social Media Marketing service, please submit an inquiry.

Web Development Solutions - Study Specific Screening Websites

We determine the cost of each website development project based on the scope of work. There is a one-time fee for the study specific screening website creation and a monthly maintenance fee for upkeep and hosting. For more information about our Web Development Solutions service please submit an inquiry.

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