We can help bridge the gap to match study sites with clinical trials - easing challenges with site selection.

Identifying high-performing investigator sites is one of the most crucial decisions made by CRO’s and Sponsors. But it is not always easy to find study sites that are qualified and able to handle the specific requirements of a study's protocol. According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, 37 percent of sites selected for clinical trials do not meet enrollment goals, and 11 percent fail to enroll a single patient. On the other hand, research sites can find it daunting to jump through hoops to even be considered for the qualification process. They simply need a way to connect and we are here to help them make that connection.


Site Identification

Site Relationships

ClinicalConnection has partnered with thousands of research sites. equipped to be vital contributors and eager to take on new studies, including virtual/remote clinical trials. During our more than 20 years in patient recruitment, we have developed strong, enduring relationships with all types of research sites – academic medical centers, community hospitals, physician practices, independent research centers and site networks. One of the common requests we often receive is that they would like to find clinical trial sponsors to connect with.


We can connect clinical trial sponsors CROs, SMOs, or site networks with sites that are interested in traditional studies as well as virtual studies. Please click the "Inquire Now" button below if you are a sponsor, CRO, SMO, or site network for a complimentary initial database search to identify sites that may meet your clinical trial needs.

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