Telemedicine has been steadily growing in popularity and is becoming more widely used. Utilizing patient-facing technology to help facilitate conducting clinical trials is a logical progression. With the impact of COVID-19, and the potential for other future pandemics, there is even more of a need to move toward remote virtual trials.

Virtual trials could be the answer sought by the industry to make trial participation less burdensome and more accessible. Virtual trials can reduce the need for face-to-face interactions when it is not necessary and decrease overall trial costs by eliminating participant travel. Moreover, engaging patients remotely can increase participation levels and the use of electronic communication tools that lead to greater retention.


Telemedicine and Virtual Trials

Connect with Virtual Trials

ClinicalConnection is designed to be a patient-centric digital recruitment platform. Many members have eagerly expressed interest in clinical trials that give them the option to participate remotely. To address this growing demand, we have developed specialized patient recruitment services specific to virtual clinical trials. We’ve had a great deal of success bringing together study providers and trial participants who work together in completely or partly remotely scenarios. As an added benefit, ClinicalConnection is an ideal resource to connect Sponsors with Research Sites and telemedicine partners who can assist in the planning and execution of virtual clinical trials.

Virtual Clinical Trial Digital Advertising

Traditional media advertising for clinical trials has been on the decline as more and more people look to their phones and mobile devices for trial participation. With so much information at our fingertips, it is easier and more efficient for people to find what they are looking for and be directly connected. ClinicalConnection has been successfully recruiting participants for clinical trials using digital advertising methods for more than 20 years. Having the ability to connect individuals from all over the globe and link them directly to a study makes Digital Patient Recruitment an ideal fit for virtual clinical trials. Virtual clinical trial digital advertising is flexible and highly targeted, delivering improved ROI.

Benefits of Digital Recruitment

  •   Easy to set up
  •   Drives traffic directly to a study website
  •   Reaches diverse populations
  •   Generates measurable results
  •   Provides ability to optimize

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