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ClinicalConnection was founded by pharmaceutical research professionals in order to facilitate the recruitment of quality individuals for clinical trials nationwide. ClinicalConnection's proven recruiting strategies have been bringing individuals and clinical researchers together since 2000.

When you become a member of ClinicalConnection.com you will be asked to specify what types of clinical trials you are interested in. Whenever a new clinical trial is posted that meets your criteria you will receive a notification from ClinicalConnection.com to let you know that a new trial is available. This notification will contain a link to the listing on Clinicalconnection.com that has more information about the new clinical trial and provide contact information for the clinic that is recruiting participants.

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If you would like to learn more about clinical trials, please view About Clinical Trials

Generally, clinical trials offer compensation to the individuals who participate for time and travel. The amount of compensation, however, varies greatly from study to study. You will always be aware of the amount of compensation being offered in a clinical trial before you decide whether or not to participate.

You most likely will not have to stop taking your normal medications even if you are enrolled in a clinical trial, although some clinical trials may ask you to do so.

Your personal information, including email address, is never sold or distributed in any way. In order to notify you of new clinical trials we need to share you clinical trials interests with the clinics performing the clinical research, but we only share the information that is pertinent to the study. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

Each Study Participant that is eligible for a clinical trial is invited to participate. The number of trials that you will be contacted about depends directly on how you answered the medical questions and where you are located. To ensure that you will be eligible for as many studies as possible it is important to fill out the Medical Questionnaire as completely as possible. You can always update your Medical Questionnaire as well.

There are clinical trials that require patients with various illnesses as well as trials that require healthy patients. ClinicalConnection.com recruits patients in both categories. ClinicalConnection.com will always invite you to participate in each clinical trial that you are eligible for.

Absolutely not. Certain clinical trials recruit individuals that have pre-existing medical conditions, for example diabetes or back pain. Other clinical trials strive recruit only healthy volunteers for clinical trials. Each clinical trials is different and may recruit a different population of people. All individuals can potentially participate in clinical trials, no matter the age, healthy, race, or nationality. ClinicalConnection.com, however, does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up as a member of ClinicalConnection.com.

ClinicalConnection.com communicates with their members primarily by email, so when registering please enter an email account that you check frequently. ClinicalConnection.com will send to you invitations to review the details of clinical trials that may interest you in your area. These notifications are sent based on study availability. You will always receive a notification when a new study is listed in our database in your area if you would be eligible for the study (for example, you must be male to participate in a testosterone study). You will also receive an email newsletter from ClinicalConnection.com once per month with a list of all of the currently available studies in our database. You may review the studies in the email or visit our site for more information. You may also forward the email to other individuals that may be interested in the clinical trials listed.

ClinicalConnection.com will contact you about each clinical trial that you are eligible for. We always strive to bring as many clinical trials to our members as possible. We do not, however, find specific clinical trials for our individual members at this time. We suggest finding the pharmaceutical company that is sponsoring clinical trials of the drug that you are interested in and inquiring about clinical trials in your area.

Each member of ClinicalConnection.com must have their own email address. If you share your email address with others, a good solution is to sign up for an additional email account at www.gmail.com and simply have all email forwarded to your shared email address. This site provides this service free of charge.

When you are invited to participate in a clinical trial you will be informed as to where the study will take place. For the most part, you will be invited to participate in studies that are within 25 miles of your zip code.

Your participation in any study is solely at your own discretion and if you feel that you would still like to participate in the study you are welcome to do so. You can always ask the study coordinators whether they can reimburse you for the extra travel expenses that you would be incurring.

ClinicalConnection.com currently only places individuals into clinical trials in the United States.

Clinical trials vary greatly and can last from as short as a few hours of participation to many years of outpatient visits. You will be aware of the length of each study that you are invited to participate in.

Any risks that may be involved will always be explained to you clearly before you decide whether to participate in the study or not. You will always be aware of the entire study protocol and can always choose to stop your participation at any time.

Referring another individual for possible participation in a clinical trial is always a rewarding experience. Because of your thoughtfulness an individual may get the medical care they seek or access to a new therapy that they need. From time to time, ClinicalConnection.com will also pay monetary referral fees to individuals who referred Study Participants. When indicated, ClinicalConnection will pay a referral fee of $25.00 - $50.00 per enrolled Study Participant that is referred to us by one of our members. This referral fee is not customary for all of our studies, only the ones for which we explicitly specify.

While participating in a clinical trial a Study Participant should not incur any expenses. Becoming a member of ClinicalConnection.com and being invited to participate in clinical trials are absolutely free.

ClinicalConnection.com will strive to always invite you to participate in a clinical trial and confirm your interest before sending information to a clinic. In addition, ClinicalConnection.com sends only your contact information and indication of interest in a particular clinical trial to any clinic that we are working with in order to ensure that no personal health information is shared. You are always allowed to choose whether to enroll in a clinical trial, it is solely the choice of the participant. For any questions about our policy, please view our Privacy Policy or use the Contact Us link.

ClinicalConnection.com provides Study Participant recruitment services to its investigator and study sponsor clients. ClinicalConnection.com charges a fee to investigators and study sponsors for posting their clinical trials on ClinicalConnection.com and inviting ClinicalConnection.com members to review the details of their clinical trials.