• Harmony Clinical Research, Inc.

    18260 NE 19th Ave Suite 103 North Miami Beach, FL 33162

  • Research Site Introduction:

     Founded in 2010, we always strive for excellence in the discovery of new drug development. We are dedicated to our patients, and to our collaborating sponsors & partners. With hard work and dedication, we have been able to assist over 20 different sponsors develop their drug. Patient safety is always a top priority for us. We put patient safety above everything.

     At Harmony, we take pride in our dedication to integrity, honesty, and professionalism in our endeavor of bringing new therapies to our patients. Our mission is to deliver new therapy to patients while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our sponsors.  We will always strive for excellence and teamwork to achieve the best results for both patients and sponsors.

  • Research Site Description:

    We are centrally located in a highly diverse area that offers many of the desired demographics to be used for clinical research for and are well experienced in multiple therapeutic areas. Our facility conducts Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. in the following therapeutic fields:

    • Urology

    • Male and Female Sexual Health Obstetrics/Gynecology and Women's Health

    • Cardiology

    •  Internal Medicine

    • Rheumatology

    • Family Medicine

    • Psychiatry

  • Patient Demographics:

    Our patient demographics in our area includes but is not limited to:


    African American










  • Additional Information:

    Not Provided.

  • Contact Information:

    Jennifer Pages

    18260 NE 19th Ave Suite 103

    North Miami Beach, FL 33162


    Phone: 305-957-7200

    Fax: 305-957-7200