• Triad Clinical Trials

    811 Dolley Madison Rd Greensboro, NC 27410

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Our licensed Medical Personnel conduct Phase II, III, and IV trials under the supervision of Medical Director, Richard Montgomery MD and three other Investigators. We work with a number of Board-Certified Physicians in a variety of therapeutic areas including Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology all based in the local community. We strive for quality health care services, and TCT’s team takes pride in their work. We deliver our very best and create an environment where everyone is welcome. Our vision is to create a better everyday life for future generations.

  • Research Site Description:

    Founded in 2005, we’ve completed 150+ clinical trials in Greensboro, NC. Located in a renovated 1905 farmhouse just off the campus of an historic Quaker college, we offer an idyllic and welcoming spot for staff, subjects and monitors. 

    We are located less than 3 miles from Moses Cones Hospital, a regional trauma center. Lodging and the airport are less than 10 minutes from our site. We have a state-of-the-art clinical trial management system (CTMS) with a subject database of over 10,000 opt-in subjects.  The CTMS allows us to track project information such as recruitment, enrollment statistics, document tracking and study budgeting.  We also have EMR access for additional recruitment support at several area clinics.  The site occupies a turn-of-the-century farmhouse renovated into a fully-equipped dedicated research facility offering the following:

    ·         Fully equipped lab

    ·         Dry ice access

    ·         Refrigerated centrifuge

    ·         -20 / -70 monitored storage

    ·         4 exam rooms

    ·         Private consenting areas

    ·         High speed Internet wifi and copier / fax

    ·         Dedicated monitoring space

    ·         Secure study record and IP storage

    ·         Federal and NC state drug certifications

    ·         24-monitoring of min/max temperatures

    ·         AED / crash cart

    Site Capabilities

    ·         Biopsy

    ·         Bio-sampling

    ·         Cognitive Assessments

    ·         Confinement / Overnight Stays

    ·         CSF

    ·         ECG

    ·         EDC

    ·         Infusion

    ·         IV Administration

    ·         IVRS / IWRS

    ·         Phlebotomy

    ·         PK / PD

    ·         Study Drug Mixing and Dispensing


    ·         Clinical Photography

    ·         Colonoscopy

    ·         CT

    ·         DECT

    ·         DEXA

    ·         Endoscopy

    ·         Mammogram

    ·         MRI / fMRI

    ·         PET

    ·         Ultrasound

    ·         X-ray



  • Patient Demographics:

    Our experience and reputation enable us to offer sponsors a wide range of panel sizes with a special emphasis on under-represented minority populations.  Recruitment efforts include database, social media, community service organizations, physician and subject referrals. Greensboro is the dynamic center of the growing Triad region consisting of a metropolitan population extending beyond 950,000.  Our location allows access to subjects with a wide range of ages, races, and health conditions. Our area consists of five colleges with over 80,000 students, many diverse businesses and industries along with a large retirement population.

    Our CTMS system has 10,000+ opt-in, research-ready potential trial subjects with substantial number of subjects in each of the following indications:

    ·         Allergies (medicine, seasonal and food)

    ·         Angina

    ·         Arthritis (OA and RA)

    ·         Asthma

    ·         Atrial Fibrillation

    ·         Cardiovascular Disease

    ·         Constipation

    ·         COPD

    ·         Diabetes Complications

    ·         Diabetes Types I & II

    ·         Dyslipidemia

    ·         Family history of Alzheimer’s / Dementia

    ·         Fibromyalgia

    ·         Gastrointestinal

    ·         Gout

    ·         Heart Failure

    ·         Hypertension

    ·         Influenza

    ·         Kidney Disease

    ·         Low Back Pain


    ·         MACE / Heart Attack

    ·         Men’s health

    ·         Migraines

    ·         NASH / NAFLD

    ·         Neuropathy

    ·         Obesity

    ·         Opioid Use

    ·         Pain

    ·         Psoriasis

    ·         PTSD

    ·         Pulmonology

    ·         Rheumatology

    ·         Sleep Disorders

    ·         Smokeless Tobacco

    ·         Smoking

    ·         Stroke

    ·         Triglycerides

    ·         Vaccines

    ·         Women’s Health

  • Additional Information:

    Staff Expertise

    Our experienced staff members work alongside the investigators to provide quality, accurate data. With an average of over 15 years of research experience, our clinical staff provides our clients a significant depth of knowledge in a wide range of projects. All clinical staff are GCP trained.


    We also employ a full-time patient recruiter.

  • Contact Information:

    Triad Clinical Trials

    811 Dolley Madison Road

    Greensboro NC  27410