• Cedar Crosse Research Center

    800 S. Wells St. Suite M15 Chicago, IL 60607

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    At Cedar Crosse Research Center, our driving passion is to uphold diversity and inclusion at every level of our organization. We recognize it as a fundamental aspect of excellence, innovation, and ethical conduct in our research. Our commitment is deeply rooted in our location, the multicultural hub of Chicago, providing us a unique platform to engage with and represent diverse communities.

    Under the leadership of our CEO, Jamie Lynn Bhairoo, RN and Principal Investigator, Danny Sugimoto, MD, we endeavor to foster an inclusive culture that respects the unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions of each individual.

    Our focus extends beyond our internal operations and team to the communities we engage in our clinical trials. We are committed to ensuring diversity in our patient populations, as it is fundamental to the validity and generalizability of our research.

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