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    6035 Shallowford Rd Suite 109 Chattanooga, TN 37421

  • Research Site Introduction:

    ClinSearch was founded in 1990. The ClinSearch team is led by Dr. Mark McKenzie, Medical Director. Dr. McKenzie’s on-site commitment to the investigations conducted at ClinSearch, along with his dedicated research facility and the reasonable number of studies undertaken result in a sharply focused attention by the principal investigator on every clinical trial that is completed.

    Our executive leadership has built a research team recruited for their analytical skills as well as their genuine compassion and ability to relate to study volunteers. This group has performed admirably in community outreach events, and educating and performing health screening assessments to a diversity of community groups. Our staff works an expanded day to accommodate participant schedules and will often see patients on weekends or evenings to ensure success.

    Our group of professionals work together in a team environment with all members respected for their contributions to the study goals. Our staff is small enough to promote efficient communication, but large enough to build in redundancy for all critical functions within a trial. Our research staff receives GCP & OSHA training and routine IATA & CITI training.

    We believe you will appreciate the technical competence and dedication of our team and enjoy the responsive interaction our team environment promotes.

    View our currently enrolling studies here.

  • Research Site Description:

    In February of 2008, we moved into our 5,000-square-foot dedicated research facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our building is conveniently located near three major medical centers and is only 2 miles from the Chattanooga Airport. ClinSearch is quickly accessible from all areas of town.

    Facility Features:

    • Fully-alarmed, 24-hour monitored security system with selective pin access
    • Dedicated monitoring rooms with high-speed Internet, copier, phone and fax
    • 24-hour dedicated emergency contact phone
    • Conference room with access to internet
    • Fully-equipped examination rooms
    • Climate controlled and secured drug storage with limited key access
    • Climate controlled and secure on-site records storage
    • Dedicated coordinator offices
    • Infusion Suite

    Diagnostic/Clinic Equipment:

    • State of the art CLIA waived laboratory
    • On site emergency equipment including AED, oxygen, crash cart medications (IV fluids, steroids, epinephrine, ASA, inhalers)
    • Ultra So-Lo freezer (-20° and -70°)
    • Dry ice storage capabilities
    • Locked refrigerator and freezer
    • ECG – Mac 1200
    • Scales – Tanita
    • Data log tag 24/7 temperature monitoring system
    • IV/Infusion Capabilities
    • Welch Allyn Baumanameter blood pressure units
    • Centrifuge & Refrigerated Centrifuge
    • Incubator

    ClinSearch is affiliated with a local diagnostic center with the following capabilities:

    • DEXA Scanner
    • Ultrasound
    • Echocardiogram
    • Endoscopy
    • Ultra-fast CT MRI
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • PSG
    • Liquid Nitrogen Storage

    Online Data Management System
    We utilize an online system to merge real time recruitment, trial progression and all study data. Our database includes over 12,000 people and is continuously growing.


  • Patient Demographics:

    Chattanooga’s designated market area (DMA) has an estimated population of 351,000.

    Here are some additional demographics for Chattanooga according to US Census Bureau:

    Male 47.3%
    Female 52.7%

    Under age 5 6.0%
    Under age 18 20.7%
    Age 65+ 15.3%

    White 61.2% Black or African American 33.7% Hispanic or Latino 5.2% Asian 2.1% American Indian and Alaska Native 0.2% Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders 0.1% Two or More Races 2.0%

    (2006-2010 Average) Persons Foreign Born 5.4%
    Language other than English spoke at home (% age 5+) 6.7%
    Veterans (population) 11,687 Persons without health insurance, under age 65 years 14.6%
    *Contact us for detailed performance metrics by indication and area of study.

  • Additional Information:

    ClinSearch is part of Wake Research, an integrated organization of premier investigational sites working closely with and meeting the needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations in North America. Wake Research is affiliated with large multi-specialty group practices, hospitals and healthcare systems. Additionally, Wake Research has its own proprietary patient database of more than 2 million potential clinical trial participants—men and women, children and adults, across all ethnicities—for all kinds of adaptive and other types of trial designs.

  • Contact Information:

    6035 Shallowford Rd.,
    Suite 109 Chattanooga,
    TN 37421

    Study Hotline:
    (984) 232-2360

    Our Hours: Monday-Friday (8:00am-5:00pm)