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    5887 Glenridge Drive Suite 400 Atlanta, GA 30328

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Founded in 1997, NeuroTrials Research began as a research study site in north Atlanta. In the years since our founding, NeuroTrials has grown to include investigational drug and device research with a focus in the central nervous system. Our spacious, state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located near three of North Atlanta’s major hospital systems and is in walking distance of rapid transit (MARTA).  

    Today, we have conducted more than 175 clinical trials on over 2,500 volunteers throughout the Atlanta metro area. Our continual growth and emphasis on improvement of healthcare standards has attracted award-winning neurologists, psychiatrists, pulmonologists and other specialists who act as our primary investigators for each study. With over 100 years of combined clinical research experience, our staff are fully dedicated to the patients we see each day. Our coordinators provide the experience and know-how to complete studies in a timely fashion, focusing attention on the details that lead to successful trials. 

  • Research Site Description:

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  • Patient Demographics:

    ​Almost everyone can participate in some type of research study. Even healthy people are needed for some studies. Each clinical research trial has its own eligibility criteria outlining who can participate. The criteria may include age, risk of the disease being studied, and any medications that you are currently taking. You should talk to your doctor or the person in charge of enrolling patients for the study to find out if you are eligible for a particular study.

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    NeuroTrials Research, Inc.

    5887 Glenridge Drive, Suite 400

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