• Amita Health

    1786 Moon Lake Blvd. Ste. 200 Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

  • Research Site Introduction:

    AMITA Health Center for Psychiatric Research is located in Hoffman Estates, suburban Chicago,within the AMITA  St. Alexius Medical Campus.

    Our center specializes in clinical trials specific to psychiatric disorders. Our team consists of psychiatrists, medical physician, registered nurses,

    clinical coordinators and psycometrists with years of experience in evaluating psychiatric disorders.





  • Research Site Description:

    Our center is located in our AMITA Medical Plaza, Suite 200, providing free parking as well as a quiet, comfortable enviornment.


  • Patient Demographics:

    We work with adolescents and adults  currently.

  • Additional Information:

    Dr. Constantin Abuzatoaie, Medical Director of Psychiatric Research . Principal Investigator, is in our center full time and on site daily.

    Dr. Abuzatoaie and our clinical staff have substantial experience in conducting Phase I, II ,III, IV  clinical trials.

  • Contact Information:

     Contact us directly:

     Phone: 847-230-3591

     Email: Clinicalresearch@amitahealth.org

     Fax: 847-230-3598