• Frederick Ruthardt, MD (Frontier Clinical)

    300 Spring Creek Lane Uniontown, PA 15401

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Frontier Clinical Research, LLC is a comprehensive clinical research site that is focused on providing professional, high quality study conduct and drug/device development services. We bridge the gap between Pharmaceutical companies and patients by recruiting patients into clinical trials. This allows for more affordable and new cutting-edge medications to be approved that may be beneficial to them as well as future generations. We offer a wide range of therapeutic diversity to meet the needs of our patients and the Clinical Research/Pharmaceutical industry.

    Frontier Clinical Research, LLC has a passion for research and strives to make a difference in the world of clinical research and the lives of our patients by educating them on their individual diagnoses and providing them with new and innovating alternate treatments through continued clinical research. In doing so, we hope to help patients have a better understanding of their medical conditions and improve their overall health.

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    For more information about current studies, contact Heather Nativio at 724-550-4099