• Johns Hopkins Center for Immunization Research

    624 N. Broadway Rm. 217 Baltimore, MD 21205

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Administering licensed vaccines is a safe and inexpensive way to prevent disability and death caused by infectious diseases.  However, every year children and adults all over the world continue to suffer from diseases for which there are no effective vaccines.  At the CIR, we believe that developing new vaccines is necessary to save lives.

    The CIR’s study teams are dedicated to the safe and ethical conduct of phase I and II clinical vaccine trials in three main categories: pediatric studies, flavivirus plus studies and mucosal and vaccine challenge (MVAC) studies.  Each team is comprised of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health faculty, research nurses, study coordinators and research assistants who are devoted to the CIR’s mission. Collectively, we have conducted clinical vaccine trials for COVID-19, HPV, respiratory syncytial virus [RSV], human metapneumovirus [HMPV], influenza, and parainfluenza [PIV], flavivirus vaccines (dengue virus, West Nile virus and Zika), ebola, enteric vaccines (norovirus, enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC), Shigella and many other diseases and viruses.

    The CIR partners with many sponsors, including the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and private industry companies to evaluate new investigational vaccines.  We conduct both outpatient and inpatient clinical trials at our facilities located on the JHU East Baltimore Campus, Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus as well as off-site at private practices in Laurel, Dundalk, Columbia and White Marsh.

  • Research Site Description:

    The Center for Immunization Research CIR Inpatient Unit is located on the 4th floor of the 301 Building at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus.  The unit is 6,567 square feet, has its own self-contained ventilation system and can accommodate up to 30 study participants.  It houses several dormitory style rooms for study participants, nurse’s station, on call room, two examination rooms, a laboratory, a fully functional kitchen and dining area.  Other participant accessible amenities include:

    • Recreation and lounge area
    • Work out equipment
    • Laundry room
    • Wifi and computer access

    The unit is fully staffed during studies, including around-the-clock nursing staff and daily rounds by the study doctor.

    The CIR conducts outpatient trials at clinical facilities located on the East Baltimore Campus of Johns Hopkins Hospital, CIR South in Laurel, MD and in pediatric practices located in Baltimore and in surrounding communities.  The CIR’s outpatient clinic is located on the first floor of the Hampton House (on the corner of East Monument Street and Broadway) just north of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center and directly across the street from the MTA Johns Hopkins Metro Station.  This facility includes 23 rooms for screening, enrollment, vaccination, observation and follow-up of adult and pediatric participants.

  • Patient Demographics:

    The CIR conducts clinical research studies that require healthy volunteers.  Our adult studies typically enroll healthy people 18-50, however some studies enroll people up to age 85.  We are looking for people who are available and able to come to our clinic (either at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus or at the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Campus depending on the study).

  • Additional Information:

    CIR faculty members are leaders in the world of vaccine research and have laboratory as well as clinical trials expertise in our disease fields of interest.  Many of our faculty members serve on national and international committees to advance vaccine research efforts and share knowledge gained by the conduct of our own research.  We work closely with our partners at the NIAID/NIH, the Gates Foundation, US Department of Defense (DoD) and industry to develop innovative clinical and laboratory methods for the evaluation of vaccines.