• SMS Clinical Research

    1210 N. Galloway Ave Mesquite, TX 75149

  • Research Site Description:

    SMS Clinical Research is a Certified Women's Owned Business research clinic located in Mesquite, Texas. Covering numerous areas of study, SMS Clinical Research provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in various clinical studies. Through these clinical studies, new medications and treatments can be found. Participants in clinical trials play an important role in the clinical research process, while also gaining access to medications otherwise unavailable to them. Volunteers are paid for their time and travel during any clinical trial they participate in.

    Research Infrastructure

    -20- and -70-degree C Freezers                                               Dedicated Phase I/II On-site Suite

    Refrigerators                                                                         Double locked/temp controlled storage room

    Dedicated Research Pharmacy                                                    Digital Weight Scale

    Ambient/Refrigerated Centrifuge                                             Manual Sphygmomanometer

    On-site Monitoring Area                                                            EKG Machine

    6 Consultation Rooms                                                               Digital Thermometers

    Wireless Internet                                                                     Copy Machine/Digital Fax


  • Patient Demographics:

     SMS is a multilingual research clinic that includes English, Spanish, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Gujrati. We consider cultural diversity important in the workplace, it improves operations by using multiple unique perspectives to complete tasks and make informed decisions. Located 16 miles Northeast of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex we have a diverse database of patients to include...

    • ·         30% African American
    • ·         25% Hispanic
    • ·         30% Caucasian
    •           15% Asian and other Ethnicities

  • Contact Information:

    Address: 1210 North Galloway Ave. Mesquite TX 75149                                                                                                                            

    Email: info@SMSClinicalResearch.com   

    Phone: (972) 216-5100 

    Cell: (469) 758-8491