• Clinical Research Philadelphia

    9501 Roosevelt Blvd Suite 208 Philadelphia, PA 19114

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Clinical Research Philadelphia (CRP) is a leading research site that has been serving the Philadelphia community for over 25 years

    Our key competencies enable us to conduct safe, ethical, and high-quality clinical trials while exceeding performance metricsset by our Sponsors

    Our staff is diverse, just like the community and study participants we serve. We foster a culture that embraces diversity in all forms.

    Our fully electronic CTMS system allows us to minimize administrative burden and streamline operations and so our team can focus on patient engagement and inputting of accurate data.

    Our patients and volunteers are the reason we come to work everyday. Our decisions and daily processes are guided by the principal that patients will always be the heart of our work.

    We are proud of our committed research team, most of whom have been with our
    site for over 15 years. Our cohesiveness
    as a team and our collective experiences compels us to develop innovative solutions for the complex needs of our clinical trials.

  • Research Site Description:

    Operational since 1996, with over 20,000 patients in our database

    Successfully completed over 300 clinical trialsacross a variety of Therapeutic Areas

    Long term research staff with over 80 years of combined research experience

    Fully electronic Clinical Trial Management System with remote monitoring capabilities

    State of the art research facility with 3 exam rooms, drug storage and dedicated monitor offices

    Our state-of-the-art facility includes:
    •3 fully equipped exam rooms
    •3 Investigator offices
    •3 private workstations designated for monitors
    •5 offices for coordinators
    •2 in-office bathrooms for patients & specimen collection

    Annually calibrated medical equipment includes:
    •Temperature monitored Refrigeration (2 – 8 degrees)

    •Temperature monitored Freezers (-70 and -20 degrees)

    •Temperature monitored and controlled / secured drug storage room

    •Phlebotomy and Nurses station


    •EKG machines

    •2 ultrasound machines

  • Patient Demographics:

    1. Age: The median age in this zip code is 43.6 years old, according to the US Census Bureau.

    2. Gender: The gender distribution in this zip code is roughly equal, with slightly more females than males.

    3. Race/ethnicity: The racial and ethnic composition of the population in this zip code is diverse, with White, African American, and Asian being the most common races/ethnicities.

    4. Education level: The percentage of residents with a bachelor's degree or higher in this zip code is higher than the national average.

    5. Income: The median household income in this zip code is higher than the national average. However, there are still pockets of poverty within the area.

  • Additional Information:

    Based on data from our last 10 trials, our site routinely exceeded enrollmenttarget and study start-up goalsset by Sponsors and CROs: 

    95% - Percentage of times target enrolment goal was achieved

    < 7 DAYS - Cycle Time from Draft Budget Received to Contract Finalized

    10 DAYS - Cycle Time from Protocol Received to IRB Submission

    < 7 DAYS - Cycle Time from Contract Fully Executed to First Patient Screened

  • Contact Information:

    Clinical Research Philadelphia, LLC

    9501 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 208

    Philadelphia, PA 19114

    (215) 676-6696