• New Phase Research and Development

    6914 Office Park Cir Knoxville, TN 37909

  • Research Site Introduction:

    New Phase Research & Development is a clinical research company located in Knoxville, Tennessee. With our dedication to research and patient care, New Phase has become a premier research site in the region. Our research dedicated facility offers subjects the security of a highly educated staff while providing the luxury of a well maintained and comfortable facility to visit throughout the study process.

  • Research Site Description:

    We currently operate as a fully dedicated clinical research facility in West Knoxville.

    We have a secured double locked drug closet equipped with pin code access and deadbolt. We also maintain a drug storage refrigerator that is independently locked. Both the storage area and refrigerator are equipped with a digital glycol controlled min/max thermometer. These monitors are set to alarm staff of any deviations from the set range. Designated site staff maintain daily drug logs. We maintain an active emergency action plan and are located approximately 6 miles from the nearest hospital. We are equipped with a fully stocked crash cart that includes oxygen and an AED.

  • Patient Demographics:

    Over 20,000 volunteers in our database and growing! In the last year alone, we have enrolled 670 patients for 20 studies, with a total of over 2,700 visits scheduled.

  • Additional Information:

    With a focus on quality data, outstanding subject care, and active recruitment, New Phase has become a leader in successful clinical trials at a site level.

  • Contact Information:

    Give us a call at (865) 200-8364 or visit our website at NEWPHASEONLINE.com to see more information on our current studies and qualifications.