• Exalt Clinical Research

    303 H Street Suite 510 Chula Vista, CA 91910

  • Research Site Introduction:

    Exalt Clinical Research was established to bring a higher caliber clinical research experience to the South Bay of San Diego County, California. Our knowledgeable staff focuses on safe and effective clinical trials with a commitment to science and overall patient care.


    Exalt Clinical Research is grounded in providing a best-in-class trial experience for patients, sponsors, and CROs through progressive recruitment practices and compassionate patient care resulting in the smooth initiation and execution of early through late phase clinical trials.

    Founder, Dixie L. Creager is an experienced multi-location manager of clinical and business operations for over 30 years. Based on this experience, she identified the South Bay as an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic, diverse community.


    At Exalt Clinical Research, we measure everything we do through the lens of our core values.  Approaching every project with integrity is paramount. 

    We believe that our approach to research can be accomplished no other way.  The data is collected in a professional manner and reported as outlined by the sponsor in accordance with GCP, noted timelines, and industry standards. 

    We believe in authenticity; we will be honest and direct about our capabilities, expertise, and enrollment targets.  We are accountable to both our subjects and sponsors, sharing updates on our progress, any potential stumbling blocks, dealing with problems with communication and common sense. 

    We respect our subjects, our community, and our sponsor partners.  We strive to elevate the clinical trials experience for all involved.

  • Research Site Description:

    Exalt Clinical Research occupies 2,000 square feet of dedicated research space and is connected to a large, secure parking garage. The site is equipped with 2 beds in private rooms for sleep studies, phase I and migraine trials.  In-suite restroom, exam room, laboratory, administrative and clinical research coordinator space are ideal for efficient subject visits. 

    The site is located in the center of the revitalized, economically and ethnically diverse Chula Vista, less than 10 miles from the Mexico border and less than 15 miles from the San Diego International Airport. We are conveniently situated with easy public transportation access including bus, the San Diego Trolley, and taxi.  

    By simplifying the clinical trial experience, Exalt Clinical Research affords sponsors and CROs a single point of contact from subject identification and pre-screening to fully digitalized processes to clean data packaging. All of this is done through responsive communication practices throughout the life-span of the trial.

    Our cohesive process of robust recruitment, best practices, and protocol execution provides sponsors and CROs the means to meet trial objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.


    -4 Refrigerator

    -20C Freezer

    -80C Freezer

    Calibrated Scale


    Centrifuge - Refrigerated



    CTMS Database

    DEXA Scan

    Dry Ice


    Electronic Source, Regulatory, Subject Data





    Phlebotomy - Fully equipped laboratory


    Polysomnograms (PSGs)


    Sleep/Phase 1 Rooms

  • Patient Demographics:

    Exalt Clinical Research is in the center of Chula Vista, CA.  Chula Vista is a city that boasts a large Hispanic and above-average African American population, of which we engage regularly.  Located less than 10 miles from the Mexico border, and situated on the main bus and trolley routes, public transportation is utilized routinely by our research subjects.   Mining our database, community engagement and robust advertising, along with years of experience in working within our community and diverse populations allows us to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our study vonunteers and helps guarantee a successful enrollment campaign.

  • Additional Information:

    Exalt Clinical Research works in a multitude of therapeutic indications:



    Essential Tremor


    Healthy Volunteer​

    Obesity/Weight Loss

    Sleep Disorders (in-Pt/out-Pt)

    Smoking Cessation


    Women’s Health

  • Contact Information:

    03 H Street, Suite #510 Chula Vista, CA 91910

    Phone: 619-826-8884

    Email: info@exaltresearch.com