• UAB Huntsville Regional Medical Campus

    301 Governors Drive Suite 190 Huntsville, AL 35801

  • Research Site Introduction:

    The UAB Huntsville Psychiatric Research Program focuses on the development of new ways to treat and prevent depression and suicide. This includes testing new treatments, prevention of serious mental illnesses and suicide, and identifying biomarkers of both disease and treatment response.

  • Research Site Description:

    As an affiliate of the UAB Depression and Suicide Center’s clinical trial program in Birmingham, we are advancing the understanding of psychiatric disorders through an integrated approach of research, education, and patient care. Collaboration between laboratory research and clinical areas facilitate translational integration of research findings, with the goal of developing innovative treatments.

  • Patient Demographics:

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  • Additional Information:

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  • Contact Information:

    UAB Huntsville Office of Psychiatric Clinical Research

    Email: hsvpsychresearch@uabmc.edu

    Phone: 256-551-4431