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Migraine is the commonest cause of recurrent, severe headache. It is experienced at some point by over 20% of women and over 10% men. The tendency to suffer from migraine has a genetic basis, but individual attacks may be triggered by internal or external influences, or simply come by themselves for no apparent reason. In many cases pain only affects one half of the head. Equally commonly, however, pain is felt bilaterally, at the front or the back of the head, more rarely in the face, and rarer still in the body (‘migrainous corpalgia’). The pain is generally throbbing in nature, and typically made worse by any form of movement or even modest exertion. The majority of migraine attacks are severe or at least moderately so.

Qualified Participants Must:

• Male or Female of any race, from 18 to 65 years of age
• Migraine frequency of 2 to 8 per month but fewer than 15
• Intact nasal mucosa, no septal perforation and no other nasal conditions that may interfere with intranasal dosing
• Patients on preventive migraine medication are permitted to remain on therapy provided they have been on stable dose for minimum 3 months prior to entry into study and have no plans to change dose during the study

Qualified Participants May Receive:

Qualified Participants Receive: 

  • All study related exams and lab work 

  • Investigational study medication at no cost 

  • Complimentary transportation 

  • No insurance necessary  

  • Compensation for time and travel, if qualified 

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