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Do you currently have “acute” or “Chronic” hepatitis B?  If so we have a specialty research program designed to help you as well as the research and diagnostic communities.  Your plasma is a crucial component for invitro-diagnostic companies in the manufacturing and creation of the test kits used to diagnose patients with this virus as well as further research into the virus.

  The plasma is separated via a procedure called plasmapheresis and your red blood cells are returned to you which is why you can donate 2x in a 7 day period.  Donating plasma is a very safe and simple procedure and it is performed in licensed, FDA regulated plasma facilities under the direction of the centers medical director.

Why is plasma needed?

In order to complete laboratory testing to FDA standards, a quality control group is required with each test to ensure diagnostic integrity. The human sera used to create quality control groups can only be obtained from consenting adult plasma donors. Access Biologicals works directly with patients, healthcare providers, and laboratories to identify individuals who have received positive diagnoses for certain acute, autoimmune, and polyclonal antibody conditions. A conscious effort to identify consenting adult plasma donors with various conditions allows for a continuous supply of FDA required quality controls, preventing the possibility of backorders for various tests.


To Qualify:-

Must be 18-65 Years in age

Weigh at least 110 pounds or more

MUST be HIV & HCV Negative 

** NO current programs for co-infections or for HIV or HCV **

Qualified Participants May Receive:

Participants who qualify can earn $300-$500 per donation and you can safely donate twice a week.  If we don't have a center near you all travel related expenses will be paid by us to have you participate in the program (air, hotel and car service) and you will still earn your compensation.

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