Clinical Trial 44519

Los Angeles, CA 90095


This study is designed to examine the individual difference factors, such as age or sex, that make healthy adults vulnerable or resilient to depression that may be caused by inflammation. Inflammation is hidden inside our body as a result of aging, obesity, chronic disease, or certain treatments, and such inflammation appear to cause depressive symptoms in some individuals. In this study, we are recruiting healthy young women (age 25-44) to be randomized to receive endotoxin or placebo. Endotoxin is a bacterial toxin that can initiate bodily reactions that can lead to inflammation lasting a few hours. Such inflammation can alter mood and also lead to mild sickness symptoms, such as a slight increase in body temperature, muscle aches, or tiredness. Endotoxin is a safe way of investigating the body’s response to inflammation and how these changes may alter mood. It has been given thousands of times to normal volunteers – both younger and older adults – without any serious side effects. For this study, participants will first complete a 1-hour phone interview, followed by two in-person visits at the study clinic. The first visit will determine eligibliity and will last 4 hours. The second visit is from 7:30AM-6PM. During this visit, a nurse will insert an IV into each arm to allow for repeated blood draws, hydration, and administration of the endotoxin or placebo. Participants will complete questionnaires and game-like computer tasks at both visits. Individuals interested in participating can call for additional information or to complete a 5-10 minute telephone screening interview.

Qualified Participants Must:

• Biologically female
• Age 25-44
• In good general health (no chronic physical illness, such as autoimmune diseases)
• Non-smoker
• Regular sleep patterns (i.e., no nightshift work in the past 6 weeks)
• premenopausal
• BMI less than 30

Qualified Participants May Receive:


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